Hey Everyone πŸ™‚

My names Emma and I’m 24 years old currently training to be a primary school teacher. Can’t wait to get my own class! Way too exciting!!

Besides from that, I started this blog in June and am so glad I did. I find it an excellent stress reliever and look forward to reading everyone else’s blog posts each day. I may not have the most followers or the most likes and comments but I stopped worrying about that a while ago. If you worry about that sorta thing, your not really going to enjjoy blogging anymore, right?! I love to be able to have an opinion on whatever I like, mainly it’s about makeup gotta be honest. Since starting this blog, my makeup collection has doubled – no lie :/ It’s because I find myself racing out to buy things that other people recommend or things people hate so I can see if it really is that bad aha

Hope you enjoy following my blogging journey with me πŸ™‚
I look forward to knowing more about you all though your amazing blogs – so many i’ve read recently that I could read for hours. Hope someone feels that way about my bog someday πŸ™‚

Thanks for being so lovely and supportive so far!
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  1. Hi Emma, congratulations you’ve won my 100 flowers giveaway prize, the naked urban decay basics palette! Can you drop me a direct message with your details to send it out to you please? My Twitter handle is @dharinipatel or I’m on Facebook too if that’s easier, under Dharini Patel. Look forward to hearing from you! X

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